I'm a writer, mentor, and photographer since 2007. I'm also a wife & grateful mom of three.

Helping female entrepreneurs grow their business & brand through photography, video, and website strategy.


Hey, friend! You're most likely here because you're looking for support in starting or growing your creative business

through professional brand images & video or small business mentoring. So you may be wondering about my business background.

I was a wedding & portrait photographer from 2007 - 2018. God asked me to lay down that business, my dream, and although it was hard, I obeyed in faith. In the process He aligned me with the people I'm called to serve with the gifts He has given me.

God led me to re-launch my business in alignment with who I'm called to serve, which is other entrepreneurs, and the way I'm called to serve them through photography and mentoring.

I've also launched a business for creative business owners: 

Together Studios: A female-focused coworkspace, studio, & community for creative entrepreneurs in Westminster, MD.

And have been a part of the team for creating & contributing to:

Oh freebird fly: Spiritual, Leadership and Entrepreneurial resources for the Kingdom female entrepreneur.

I have experience in starting businesses from scratch, building to the point of expanding, as well as pivoting or closing. Keep scrolling to learn a little more about my family and what I love.

from the Oh freebird fly Presents CONNECTION Workshop, 2019.

"When we love, God's name is glorified."

"Connection is greater than competition because love is greater than fear. Connection is greater than competition because Love is greater than fear. We are empowered to connect with others in community through first connecting with God. We are equipped to love through His Word and enabled to live the Kingdom life now through the authority given to us through Jesus."


Janet Ramos Photography

from the Oh freebird fly Presents CONNECTION Workshop, 2019.

"In Kingdom community, connection is greater than competition. Through touching stories and personal testimony, Jenna taught us a valuable lesson: competition implies opposition, and can sometimes be driven by fear. Connection is the better choice for Kingdom entrepreneurs because its empowered by love. Our goal is not to be the very best at what we do; it is to fully express what God has put inside of us. When we do what Jenna presented to us and make our goal to fully express what God has put inside us then we naturally express excellence in what we do and are able to attract  our ideal customers and clients." - Oh freebird fly


Janet Ramos Photography

from The Well Gathering. Westminster, MD 2019

In a break out session, I shared on some ways that we can hear from God, how to grow in hearing Him through intimacy with Him, and how to partner with what you hear from God.

"Partnering with Him invites more into your life. Start with what you have. He shows us in His Word that 'He who has more will be added.'"



I'm ALL about my family, my marriage, and being a grateful mama!

Justin & I have been married since 2011. We really love our simple, beautiful life in rural Maryland with our three kiddos & three "fur babies".  Noah, Caleb, and Joanna (JoJo) are our greatest gifts from the Lord! And there's our kitty Ace, Aussie cattle dog mutt Lucy, and German Shepherd Chase.

I love to read, write, paint, and draw. I love all things artsy-creative really. Justin is also an amazing artist and all three of our kids seem to be quite gifted in that area as well. While JoJo is still a little young to tell, she loves to dance and sing!

In our downtime you can always find us spending time together. We love to work on DIY home projects together. In the summertime we love to play outside,  swim in our pool or go on family hikes, and in the winter time we are typically snuggled up on the couch watching a fun family movie or enjoying some friendly competition through playing video games.

I love what I get to do through business because I believe that they solve problems that need solving and that small businesses are the backbone of their local communities where families grow and thrive.


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