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Empowering business & brand builders through brand mentoring & educational resources.

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I help business & brand builders launch & build with excellence through strategic and high-end photography & video, and through brand mentoring & educational resources.

Hey, there! I'm Jenna.

Creative solutions & strategy for building excellent brands. 

I offer 1-on-1 virtual business mentoring that is specific to building an excellent business or personal brand. I will take you through a simple, yet strategic process to build or refine a strong brand that is authentic to your vision.

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What type of mentoring do I offer?


When it comes to branding I believe in...


is where your gifts & talents and who you serve meet in the right timing.



is a foundational key to building a successful brand & business.


is doing the best you can with the resources you have in your current season.



is the process of imagination and the business of making it a reality.



is giving our knowledge & inspiring confidence to start & build your brand & business.


Does branding feel like a complicated subject?

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Jenna is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to branding. People generally think they understand what branding really is when in reality they are barely scratching the surface. I was stuck in a few spots on my rebranding and Jenna helped push me through it and brought me clarity to my brand!

Brandon Spicer, Realtor


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