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There are a few tools that I use in my business that I couldn’t live without, and HoneyBook is definitely one of them! HoneyBook has given me freedom. I haven’t had to fuss with printed contracts, agreements, invoices, and wait for payments to arrive in the mail for almost two years now! HoneyBook has provided my business with the ability to integrate online contracts, payments, my client workflow, events and meetings on my calendar that syncs with my google calendar, and automated reminders all in one online platform, accessible anywhere with the user-friendly mobile app! Ultimately, it has simplified my process and given me a large chunk of my time each week back to spend investing in other areas of my business growth efforts, and most importantly, more time with my family. #LessWorkMoreLife! This is why I’m so excited and honored to be a HoneyBook Business Coach for my local community! HoneyBook has provided me with an additional level of professionalism and personal freedom that I desire to see all small business owners enjoy.

It’s difficult to choose just one feature, but if I had to choose just one then my favorite feature is the automated reminders. It’s like I have a team working for me reminding clients to complete agreements, questionnaires, and reminding them when payments are due. I don’t enjoy talking about money and payments, so HoneyBook takes care of the majority of the communication revolving around payments for me.

HoneyBook just wrapped up their second #Hackathon where they rolled out a whole host of amazing updates for us! My absolute FAVORITE update is the Task Management feature where I can create a list of tasks that are specific to each client project. This is amazing for me because my tasks vary from wedding to portrait session to mentoring to other creative projects that I’m working on with others.

If you are interested in talking with me directly about HoneyBook or asking me questions, I’d be happy to share more with you about how Honeybook has helped my business thrive. Send me an email to set up a phone or video chat! or through the contact form on my page. Or just click this link to be connected with my direct contact at HoneyBook WITH my discount code!!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Katherine, who is my direct contact at HoneyBook! There are so many reasons to love HoneyBook and I’ve seen a tremendous amount of success in my business as a direct result of using HoneyBook. I’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have and talk with you directly about how I use it :) 

I want to save 20% on HoneyBook!

Run a smarter business with honeybook jenna shriver photography

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